The Locus Charter proposes that a wider, shared understanding of risks and solutions relating to uses of location data can improve standards of practice, and help protect individuals and the public interest. We hope the Charter can improve understanding of risk, so those can be managed, and the many benefits of geospatial technologies can be realized for individuals and societies.

“Locus” is the Latin word for “place.”

Our aim is that the “The Locus Charter” will become a set of common guiding principles to help practitioners and decision-makers use location data for good. Throughout 2020 a series of workshops with location data and data ethics experts from across the globe came together to draft an initial version of the Charter’s scope, principles and approach. The Locus Charter was launched on 24 March 2021 and we invite everyone to join the community - sign up today!

The charter was launched on 24 March 2021 in collaboration with EthicalGeo. A recording of the launch event can be seen below.

A downloadable pdf of the charter can be found here→

The web version can be found here→

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