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11 May 2020


Location data and disease: what have we learned about tracking epidemics?

We recently welcomed a panel of experts to the Benchmark Initiative to discuss what has been effective in using location data to track and manage previous disease outbreaks, and what lessons should guide new initiatives, to deliver the greatest long term benefits for the public.

The discussion panel included:Chair: Dr Hannah Fry, writer and presenter, Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL

Andy Tatem, Professor of spatial demography and epidemiology (University of Southampton), Director of WorldPop and Flowminder

Timandra Harkness, Author of ‘Big Data: Does Size Matter?’ and member of the Royal Statistical Society working group on Data Ethics

Jess Morley, Researcher Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford Internet Institute


Listen back to the discussion here:

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