About the Programme

We’re looking for entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and creative technologists that want to build real-world applications and services that illustrate the risks, opportunities and ethical considerations in using location data.

Benchmark will award grant funding to up to 10 applicants, together with desk space at Geovation and support from our professional services staff and software engineers to make your ideas a reality. Grant awards will range from £10,000 to £50,000 based on the length of the proposed project and the resources required.

The Programme is open for applications until Midnight 14 December 2019.

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How to apply

We are seeking proposals from individuals and small teams looking to explore challenges and solutions related to geospatial data ethics. We’re happy to consider applicants from corporate innovators providing they can demonstrate the support of their organisation. This may include additional funding from their organisation, however this is not a mandatory requirement

Successful applicants will have a clearly defined project plan for their residency, including a programme of work and a tangible product or service they aim to deliver.

As a minimum, your proposal must include:

  • A problem statement outlining what your solution will change or improve
  • A project delivery plan with specified resource allocation
  • Clear project objectives including success criteria
  • Credible leadership and project team
  • A commitment to dedicate at least 20 hours per week on the project during the residency

We are looking for applied projects only – they must result in a publicly available app or service that delivers new insights or capabilities. Examples of this might include:

  • An app that monitors location-data tracking and provides user alerts in real-time
  • A service that analyses your search history and generates a report on your location-data footprint and associated actions
  • A website that compares public sector location capabilities with those of private sector organisations
  • A service that would allow an organisation to show transparency and prove their ethical use of location data

Please include in your proposal any co-funding or partnership opportunities, or connections to existing initiatives if relevant. We will also take into consideration whether there is a sustainable commercial model for your app or service.

Applications must be received by Geovation no later than midnight 14 December 2019.

We will announce the successful projects by January 2020.

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What you get

  • £10,000-£50,000 Grant Funding
  • Desk space at Geovation in London (or at one of partner hubs by arrangement)
  • Access to our team of experts to help you turn your idea into a reality

Key Conditions

  • Grant funding will be released according to agreed milestones as outlined in the project proposal and agreed with the Programme Manager.
  • The terms of the Grant Award require that any new Intellectual Property funded by the grant can be made available to the public and acknowledge the support of the Omidyar Network.
  • We are not looking to fund purely academic research. All proposals must provide a working tool or service that can be freely accessed by the general public.
  • Whilst applications are welcomed from anywhere across the globe, the applicant must have legal rights to work in the United Kingdom throughout the project. Geovation is not able to sponsor any work visas for this work.
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